Analysis Of Composition 5

The " Greek Vintage " by Stothard has nothing of the science of composition in it—only the nescience that makes confusion worse confounded—but just one little word apropos of it : beginners who would introduce some nude in their compositions do what Stothard has done, and cover all but the arms and legs. These nude arms and nude legs offer so many equal masses that the novice's picture looks more like a game of spelicans than a coherent design. I need not now add, avoid this peculiarity.
What I have just written is only sanctioned when looked at educationally, like the cautionary stories that are told to children. I should dislike to encourage a carping spirit in the student. Take these remarks as warnings for your own benefit, but make the search for the beautiful in all things your real pilgrimage through life.
From a photograph by Hanjstaengl. A GREEK VINTAGE. BY THOMAS STOTHARD
From a photograph by Hanjstaengl
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