The Round Reduced to the Flat 3

Herein lies the true secret of draughtsmanship. When we would do serious drawing we must concentrate our attention not upon the outlines
only, but upon the mass contained within these outlines. This advice may sound like a commonplace. In theory perhaps it is so; but the student will have learnt an invaluable lesson when he has thoroughly realised this commonplace and knows how to put it into practice.
Fig 3

It embodies the meaning of the phrase which he is always hearing from the master, but which he rarely seems to grasp—Draw by the masses !
When he has grasped this piece of instruction, and can at a glance realise the shapes in their just proportions made by the shadow, half-tone, and light masses—that is to say, all the main incidents of the internal drawing of his subject—he may take a holiday.
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