The Round Reduced to the Flat 4

Now let us place a vase against a book so that it appears slightly foreshortened.
The subtle curves of the vase will be more easily realised if the shapes left by the outline of the vase and that of the book are first drawn.
First the masses A, on either side of the object, should be drawn in relation to each other.
Then note down the shape B contained within the lower edge of the book and the lower left side of the vase, and the mass of the cast shadow on the lower right side. This will remove the initial difficulties.
SHAPES LEFT Represented at A and B

A line drawn through the centre will help us to secure a proper balance.
Every possible aid, either imaginary, such as this ruled centre line, or real, such as existing uprights,, or angular spaces around the object, must be .pressed into service ; and no point should be neglected that can possibly serve our purpose, or help us in the extremely difficult task of drawing with accuracy, exacting, as it does, the cultivation of abundant resourcefulness and unflagging attention.
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