Painting From Life 4

Endeavour to intensify the character, strengthen the drawing, and approach still more closely the tone values of the parts, while keeping the lights clear and the whole bathed in light.
When M. Leon Bonnat was asked by a pupil who thought he had completed his study what he was to do next, his reply was : " Make it more like." " And then?" asked the pupil. "Then make it still more like!" was the retort.
It is given to few men, even accomplished masters, to be able to realise the character of their sitters in one, two, or even three attempts. And the student must be more exacting than the master, or he will never be a master.
Above all things, value your work in the making but lightly. Be bold to efface and renew, and take encouragement from the thought that you may learn more from honest failure than from mild success.
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