The School Of Titian 5

Much that has been said of the "Bacchus and Ariadne " is applicable to this canvas, and were it not for the more sparkling flesh impastos, it might well pass for a work of Titian himself.
"The Legend of the Milky Way," possibly a ceiling panel.
This is by no means a representative example of that prolific and virile master. His " Miracle of St. Mark " and his " Crucifixion," in Venice, are two of the great pictures of the world, brilliant and glowing in colour ; and it is recorded of them that they were accomplished with almost incredible rapidity.
According to some experts, the " St. Mark " was painted in egg tempera—that is to say, the medium used was white of egg ; but once such tempera is varnished there is nothing to distinguish it from oil-painting. We incline to take for granted much that is said about methods with insufficient proof. By a careful scrutiny of the external evidences, it is easy to prove that many of these assertions are without foundation.
One feature to which I desire to attract your attention in the picture before us is the nature of the cast shadow across the central nude, a transparent glaze over the solidly and more lightly modelled torso. Here it is obviously cast by the flying figures but frequently the source of such shadows is not traceable in the design itself.
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