The School Of Titian 8

Walk round the galleries on Students' Days and compare the opacity of the copies done in direct colour with the translucent quality of the originals, and a good lesson in methods can be taken to heart. Doubtless the other portraits of Moroni were prepared in the same way as the " Tailor," but with more solid pigment added in the final stage.
The warmly toned face of the " Lawyer " is well contrasted with the solid white of the ruff. Such a tonality in the flesh is more frequent with the Italians than with the Flemish painters, the fairness of whose sitters often induced them to lower the white around the neck that the face might lose less of its brightness by the contrast. And as a rule there is more clear light, though not necessarily a greater luminosity, in the flesh of the Rubens school.
National Gallery In this picture the use of a monochrome is evident.
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