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The Spanish School

The Art Of Painting - The Spanish School - 4, a brief series of articles on the art of painting and drawing
"The Dead Christ " by Ribera is, like all this master's work, a fine technical achievement, if
somewhat heavy in the shadows. His vigorous use of solid pigment in the lights has in it great virility.
VELAZQUEZ. THE DWARF Gall. del Prado, Madrid. One of the finest examples of big though subtle modelling.
VELAZQUEZ. THE DWARF Gall. del Prado, Madrid
One of the finest examples of big though subtle modelling.

Another Spaniard of great distinction. The cowled head of " The Monk at Prayer " is broad and big in feeling. The shadowed face, with its firmly modelled nose, is a superb study, and the gown fine in texture and large in arrangement.
" The Nativity " was at one time ascribed to Velazquez. The draperies are certainly not unlike his, but whoever did it produced a work of great merit. The lighting is beautiful, and the final painting is solid and direct.
" Christ at the Temple " bears a curious resemblance in colour to Bassano. The figures are attenuated and the heads very tiny. El Greco is said to have much influenced Velazquez.
MURILLO" The Infant St. John and the Lamb" is one of his best works—solid, if bituminous. " The Beggar Boy " is good in character, but lacking in substance. His other pictures here are not of the first rank.
In his portrait of a gentleman he is not unlike Gainsborough, whose work he admired.

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