The British School 3

In " The Holy Family," cleanly done at first with a cold monochrome, we have a fine composition effective in light and shade. But the head of the Virgin, otherwise beautiful, has about it a hard tinniness, for the edges are too clearly cut and not lost and found enough against its dark background. The pink of the dress is solidly painted into a glaze ; and on the Child some dry-draggings of colour are visible." The Graces" do not belie their name. Here the great cast shadows are used so wisely that they save a composition which without them would be too markedly arranged. The quality of toned colour in sunlight is delightfully suggested.
In the confused and poorly drawn " Lady Cockburn and her Children," the parrot against a fluted column is a colour passage of real beauty, a delicious harmony." George IV. as Prince of Wales " is another frank and well-constructed head, and everything else by the master is worthy of the closest study.
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