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Andre Masson Gallery

Andre Masson Gallery - View Surreal art paintings by Andre Masson and submit reviews
Automatic drawing 1927 Battle of fishes 1926 Bison on the brink of a chasm 1944 Childbirth 1955 Cupid and Psyche from an edition of the Verve 1938
Glass and pear 1924 Hero and leander 1979 Ibdes in Aragon 1935 In the grass 1934 Kitchen maids 1961
Masquerade with the theme of Eros and Thanatos 1964 Riez 1953 The Labyrinth 1930 The Moon from an edition of the Verve 1938 The red lands and the Montagne Sainte Victoire 1948
The seeded earth 1942