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Salvador Dali Gallery

Salvador Dali Gallery - View Surreal art paintings by Salvador Dali and submit reviews
Athena Autumn Cannibalism 1937 Baby map of the world Beach scene with telephone Black devil
Butterflies of anti-matter Couple with clouds in their heads Crocifissione Disintegration Domestic scene 1923
Enigma of Hitler Galarina Helena Rubinsteins head emerging from a rocky cliff 1942 Interpretation of Jean-Francois Millet's The Angelus 1858 published in 1963 Landscape to the Pappillons
Le surrealisme au service de la revolution 1931 Masochistic Instrument Meditative rose Metamorphosis of Narcissus 1937 Nuclear war
Paranoiac-critical solitude 1935 Paranoic metamorphsis Paysage fantastique midi heroique 1943 Phantasmagoria 1929 Poetry of America
Portrait of Frau Isabel Styler-Tas 1945 Portrait of Picasso Premonition of civil war 1936 Sea-shade-dog Six apparitions of Lenin on a piano 1931
Sleep 1937 Spain 1938 Swans reflecting elephants Table The Battle of Teutan
The disintegration of the persistence of memory 1952-54 The enigma of desire 1929 The enigma of William Tell 1933 The ghost of Vermeer of De lft which can be used as a table The great masturbator 1929
The Knight at the tower The man with the head of blue hortensais 1936 The persistence of memory 1931 The sacrament of the Last Supper 1955 The skull of Zurbaran 1956
The visage of war Vertigo William Tell 1930 Young virgin autosodomised by her own chastity 1954 The happy unicorn
Fried eggs without the plate 1932 Surrealist Poster (1934)