Review of Enigma of Hitler by Salvador Dali from lorna buchan

lorna buchan has reviewed the artwork Enigma of Hitler by Surrealist artist Salvador Dali
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Enigma of Hitler by Salvador Dali

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the look of glooom by lorna buchan on 2006-06-27

the enigma of hitleris avery threateningpeice. Dali has acheived the look of gloom and threat by using dark shades of blue and black. A photograph of hitler,tornout of a newspapper, lies solenly on plate. a giant black telephone receiver is turning into a lobster claw, showeing how war is breaking out. Before wqorld war 2 nobody was quite sure what hitler would do next. This is the enigma or "mystery" of the title. Ipersonaly do like this paintin as i think it expressives dalis openion of hitler. Lorna Buchan 14 mADRAS COLLEGE