Review of Companions of fear by Rene Magritte from Mário Henrique R. Bernard

Mário Henrique R. Bernard has reviewed the artwork Companions of fear by Surrealist artist Rene Magritte
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Companions of fear by Rene Magritte

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Companions of Fear - A Review by Mário Henrique R. Bernard on 2005-05-21

One of the universal symbols of shamanism and even of some kind of strange, inner fear of every human being are the owls and the grouses and ravens. The owls are the prime night birds, with it's mystery full sounds resounding everywhere from pastures to the city streets. The grouses are the prime inhabitants of the mountain tops and peaks, mysterious places where the wind blows stronger than any othe place and are symbols of loneliness and the immenseness of the world below them and, finally, the ravens that are since remote times associated with the death, the mysts and the sinister side of the night. Magritte magistate represents the three birds as symbols of some kind of ancient human fear, or the companions of our fears, the companions of our uttermost frightening fears of lost, despair and loneliness. The birds are growing from herbs in the soil by unknown reasons, maybe representing it's as "roots" or ancient recognized symbols associated with fear.