Review of La condizione umana by Rene Magritte from Mário Henrique R. Bernard

Mário Henrique R. Bernard has reviewed the artwork La condizione umana by Surrealist artist Rene Magritte
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La condizione umana by Rene Magritte

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La Condizione Umana - A Review by Mário Henrique R. Bernard on 2005-05-21

This artwork represents, for me, the uttermost desires for freedom and simple life that every human being feeds, even unconsciently. Every man wants to fly away from their personal problems, from their rigorous materialistic wishes and every man wants to be free as a bird. But, as we all know, this are only wishes almost never done of concretized... so the dream of freedom is represented as a mere picture in a frame, a thing that will never become full reality. Every man wants to be free, every man thinks they are free but, normally, this freedom are just as dead and emotionless as a picture in a frame... always planned never concluded.