Review of The Knight at the tower by Salvador Dali from Bernie Quigley

Bernie Quigley has reviewed the artwork The Knight at the tower by Surrealist artist Salvador Dali
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The Knight at the tower by Salvador Dali

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Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy Waits by Bernie Quigley on 2005-06-13

This picture, painted in 1932, is prelude to Dali's Poetry of American (on this site), painted in California in 1943. The Tower and the indideneous life force of the New World "awakens" in World War II and the Knight (spirit guardian) sits down and is inremision in the second painting, his work completed - the Creatioin has begun. This picture presents wu-chi (the Tower without its later featues represents undifferenciated unformed consciousness) and the Tower developed and hatched to a clock with dancers below it in Poetry of America is thi-chi (the life force beginning its dance in binary forces). Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy