Review of Fishbone forest 1927 by Max Ernst from jessie

jessie has reviewed the artwork Fishbone forest 1927 by Surrealist artist Max Ernst
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Fishbone forest 1927 by Max Ernst

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wtf by jessie on 2012-10-18

wow, you guys sound so eloquent... are you (kane, jessica) 14? no respect, no thought about it. i'd like you see you guys come up with something remotely creative in using found objects, you've prolly drawn an outline of a dick and balls on a bathroom stall to call someone else a slut and that's the extent of your talent. all it is, is just some immature \"omg ew wtf, i dun git itttt, dats so guhhroosssssss\".... haha wow. just wow. humanity... intelligence... where have you gone?!