Review of Poetry of America by Salvador Dali from Bernie Quigley

Bernie Quigley has reviewed the artwork Poetry of America by Surrealist artist Salvador Dali
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Poetry of America by Salvador Dali

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Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy Spies a Clock by Bernie Quigley on 2005-06-15

. . . some have said and it has been repeated that the land form hanging from the Tower in this picture is Africa. It is South America and the clock is North America. The clock brings the age to Awakening in North America - new culture, new people, new age - neither East nor West but dancing in the desert between. Google Dali's "Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man," 1943, (and note the Blood of Jesus dripping from the Cosmic Egg, black in this picture) and watch the clock hatch. This picture is a World Mandala for ascending Aquarius. The Knight at the Watchtower (on this website) relates to this picture as well - from wu-chi to tai-chi; this the awakened tai-chi dance. Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy