Review of Table by Salvador Dali from Bernie Quigley

Bernie Quigley has reviewed the artwork Table by Surrealist artist Salvador Dali
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Table by Salvador Dali

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Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy Spies an Apple by Bernie Quigley on 2005-06-15

. . . look closely and this picture is a balanced composition of the Sacrifice of the Mass (with viewer's eye drawn left of frame to right [to inner life] rather than right-to-left in a biographical composition or conventional portrait). The central elements are table, chalise and apple - picture them alone and the full composition emerges around them. The host of the conventional Catholic ceremony is replaced here by an Apple and the Apple has dual nature - real and celestial. The chalice is used in many Dali pieces with dual nature - usually a face which lives in both worlds - the real world and Alphaville (Land of the Dead - to paraphrase Godard). Like many of Dali's works, this cross cultures with Magritte's table with three trees and his man-with-apple-face picture (Son of Man). IN the ceremony of the Roman Catholic Church, the host represents the Body of Christ. The suggestion here is that the Aquarian will be identified by an apple (perhaps in William Tell as well). Dali's Christ is multi-dimensional and cosmic is all his pictures - leaving behind the earth-bound Jesus of the Age of Pisces. Parthalon Flingsnake DeCoursy