Exquisite corpses

During the 1920s, the French surrealist painters invented a game. The idea was to create fantastic figures. The game was based on a word game around at the time which created amusingly odd sentences. The idea was to collectively add a word each to the sentence without knowing what words the others had chosen. Each player passed on the piece of paper until all had contributed a word or phrase following simple syntactic rules. The first sentence produced like this was "The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine" and this is where the game derives it's name.

The pictorial game is the same except each player adds a part of the body and folds the paper so that the others won't see it when they add theirs. The first player would draw the head, the second the body, the third the legs and the fourth the feet. Each person also had to indicate where their part of the body ended on the fold line, so that the next person could draw from the correct position and size. The result was weird and wonderful creatures or plants as if from another world.

Exquisite Corpses

Victor Brauner, Andre Breton, Jaqcues Herold, Yves Tanguy from "Exquisite corpses" 1935

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