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Emmanuel Radnitsky on August 27 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Man ray was a pseudonym adopted by the artist.In 1904 he entered school and had treaching in freehand drawing and industrial draftsmanship. "I came out with a complete technical training in the fundamentals of architecture, engineering and lettering." In 1914 he married Adon Lacriox and it was then that he began being known as Man Ray.

Dadaism and Duchamp

Man Ray
In 1913 Ray visited the Armory show where Marcel Duchamp's Nude descending a staircase caused such a stir. Man Ray, with Duchamp , whom he had made lifelong friends with by 1916, formed the Society of Independent Artists. With Duchamp, Katherine Dreier, Henry Hudson, and Andrew McLaren, Man Ray also established the Société Anonyme, which he named, in 1920.After hearing of Duchamp's readymades, Ray joined up with the New York Dadaist movement and began producing his own images of common three dimensional objects. Dadaism was formed in urich during 1915 and began as a protest against the state of affairs which produced the great war. It manifested itself through protests, publications and absurd and indifferent art. It was essentially anti-art and was a reaction against the bourgeois complacency of the time.

Man Ray and Surrealism

Man Ray - self portrtait and casting of life mask 1933
In 1925, when Dadaism had all but died out and Surrealism had come to the forefront, Man Ray embraced the ideals of the Surrealist ethic. He found new ways of creating eroticism and female imagery. In particular, Ray used such photographic techniques as solarization, dynamic cropping, over enlargement and over development in order to create dreamlike images.


Man Ray died in Paris on November 18th 1976

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