Striding man by Alberto Giacometti

Striding man by Alberto Giacometti

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Striding man by bob on 2009-04-27
Odoyle Rulez! this work sucks!! ...View Full Review

vlrpbqeydk by vlrpbqeydk on 2007-03-02
Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! tpgnfiqexvq...View Full Review

Striding Man by Jessica Hannan on 2006-05-14
so unique and beautiful...View Full Review

why the rush? by adam on 2006-01-19
how tall is it? it has an overpowering appearance to it! ...View Full Review

So beautiful by Bert Buizert on 2005-07-11
Probably the most beautiful piece of art ever made. I can watch it for hours and feeling all kinds of emotions floating in and out. Sadness, beaut...View Full Review