Baby map of the world by Salvador Dali

Baby map of the world by Salvador Dali


I don't get it. by David on 2014-05-05
lol...View Full Review

Neat by Jules on 2014-04-24
This baby's face kind of reminds me of the Sun Baby in the Teletubbies... not really what he had in mind, but just what my mind thought when I 1st saw...View Full Review

Meaning? by Emma on 2012-10-02
I really like this picture. It is a great example of a hybrid form and I feel that it means that the next generation will change the world, physically...View Full Review

salvador by goghic on 2012-09-18
what materials does he use for this art and is there a site that says the materials he uses? i just cant find the answer anywhere!...View Full Review

Baby Earth by Connor McNamara on 2012-04-20
This shows the fact that man is still young, naive and ignorant, like a small child. The world, coming out of World War One, has been scarred forever,...View Full Review

art by lamya on 2011-10-06
i love it but what is the picture name...View Full Review

Baby map of the world by Ciarra Sands on 2011-10-06
This baby is adorable and im a pretty big fan of yours. I had to write a poem about a picture of an artists drawing's and i picked this one. I really ...View Full Review

Are you serious? by David on 2010-08-31
Are you really that self absorved? Do you know geography? You really get this is the birth of the mighty states from this? Maybe I'm wrong but, it loo...View Full Review

Observationge by Mykolai O'Brianoff on 2007-08-13
How come I'd never seen this ever? Why aren't there as many odd things as possible not occuring all at once, all of the time, everywhere? Cute kid...View Full Review

Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy Sees a Baby by Bernie Quigley on 2005-06-08
There is no mystery about this piece - Dali through the second half of his life saw the world awakening to Aquarius - he saw the United States as the ...View Full Review

Never refuse good turky by Skirmantas on 2004-06-28
sublime ignorance of our race...still young, dulled thought, norow minded death....View Full Review

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