My nursemaid 1936 by Meret Oppenheim

My nursemaid 1936 by Meret Oppenheim


sexual domesticity? by adele on 2010-01-17
This work seems to point at a few things. The use of the high heel shoe may denote feminine sexuality. We often associate these kinds of shoes with ...View Full Review

HIS nanny? by Kara on 2009-12-10
Brenda Nicoll Williamson, Meret Oppenheim was a WOMAN! HER nanny!...View Full Review

Governess's Dilemma by CQ on 2009-11-03
I see two high-heeled classic women's shoes strung together and turned upside down with those things you put on the ends of the bones that stick out o...View Full Review

Restriction of his Nanny? by Brenda Nicoll Williamson on 2007-03-15
To encapsulate the form of his nursemaid inside what looks like a ballet shoe seems to indicate the desire to restrict her influence over him. Maybe ...View Full Review

my nursemaid review by sam jones on 2006-11-02
its ok, nothing fab, i've seen better, her fur cup is better than this....View Full Review

nursemaid by Rachelle on 2004-06-05
i loved it so brilliant in every way...View Full Review

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