Ingres' violin by Man Ray

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Ingres' violin by Man Ray


powerful by Andrea Reina on 2007-06-28
A work with a depth of meaning. It is the personalization of the instrument, and the objectification of the feminine. You play the violin as if you we...View Full Review

Ingres' violin by Ri on 2007-04-14
What a beautiful visual portraying the 'divine feminie' of the instrument....View Full Review

i love it by Charle on 2006-10-22
this piece is soooo ugly ...View Full Review

oooooooooooooooooooooook by jonscott on 2005-11-16
Thats Crazy......View Full Review

ever watch how a violin is played by Brandon on 2004-02-27
Well this may be one way of looking at it but you ever watch the way a violin is played , it's not just the shape that's also a woman ....View Full Review