Recieves grace by Yves Tanguy

Recieves grace by Yves Tanguy


Greatest Ever by Richard Philpott on 2012-08-04
absolutely the most divinely inspired painting in the history of mankind...View Full Review

grace by Paul on 2011-09-25
this surely i hope portrays the grace that he so desired...View Full Review

why the best by eric rollins on 2010-10-18
he is the best...View Full Review

no title by Ernest Werner on 2006-12-04
Astonishing. It is a revelation in which the peculiar emphasis is on the presence of the ring -- a mandala in the sphere of transcendence....View Full Review

A piece of heaven by Ana Guadro on 2006-05-13
I think that this piece of work by Tanguy is really beautiful. It reminds me of heaven and JESUS CHRIST. I am so amazed by this and I wish that I coul...View Full Review

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