Disintegration by Salvador Dali

Disintegration by Salvador Dali


Super Genius by artnoob on 2010-05-03
yes well clearly that is a Rubiks cube on the bottom, and time is basically melting away...the obvious message here is that Rubiks cubes waste your ti...View Full Review

Disintegration Review by Mário Henrique R. Bernard on 2005-05-21
The usual Disintegration of Time means the senseless of get our lives ruled by the watch, the senseless of the time itself. The Disintegration as we s...View Full Review

Horrible by Tom Cruise on 2004-06-02
its gay and i think its a piece of shit...View Full Review

the abvious by joseph james mcguire on 2004-03-19
serrialism attacts as a fettish.It helps get rid of the deepest itch.thank you Dali....View Full Review

Limp by Darren on 2004-02-10
Some say the limp clocks are as symbol of the fear of impotence...View Full Review

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