Enigma of Hitler by Salvador Dali

Enigma of Hitler by Salvador Dali

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Goo by Harnet Johannsen on 2011-02-28
The delicious goo drop moistens the plate of disparate morsels that have only der F├╝hrer in common. Yes, yes. And the goo unites his hell into a sir...View Full Review

Creepy Painting by Silvia Creeper on 2009-04-01
This picture is really creepy and Mary Poppins needs to take her umbrella and float far far away from this weird ass place!...View Full Review

the look of glooom by lorna buchan on 2006-06-27
the enigma of hitleris avery threateningpeice. Dali has acheived the look of gloom and threat by using dark shades of blue and black. A photograph of ...View Full Review

fab by teresa on 2005-10-13
its a great piece. its like a phone that cant be answered, juat abanened and left to nature with the things we can live without like plates and umbrel...View Full Review