Fishbone forest 1927 by Max Ernst

Fishbone forest 1927 by Max Ernst

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wtf by jessie on 2012-10-18
wow, you guys sound so eloquent... are you (kane, jessica) 14? no respect, no thought about it. i'd like you see you guys come up with something remot...View Full Review

wat the fuck by jessica on 2011-11-21
y on earth would u use nasty and stinky fucking fish bone bt dats y its called fish bone forest...View Full Review

Review by Anon on 2010-11-27
What materials has he used to create this?...View Full Review

watta bunch of shite by kane tavakoly on 2008-03-23
what fuckin wierdo would use fish skellingtons in his art work, i mean no offence n dat to ernst bt it is is bit rare lol haha still affective piece m...View Full Review