Review of Indefinite divisibility 1942 by Yves Tanguy from Minsay

Minsay has reviewed the artwork Indefinite divisibility 1942 by Surrealist artist Yves Tanguy
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Indefinite divisibility 1942 by Yves Tanguy
Uncertainty by Minsay on 2006-03-27

Here's what I think is represented by this painting... The blue void on the horizon represents uncertainty, but a calmness in that the artist is not worried about what lays beyond this void. The bright orange of some items represnets happiness, and passion. There is not a lot of this colour, so Yves must not have been feeling very uppity at the time he was painting this obscure landscape. The tall structure represents himself, but it is on a lean, which portrays a feeling that perhaps he might topple if pushed. The smaller piled structure represents a small part of his personality that he would like to let loose, but doesn't know how to, or needs some sort of catalyst to evoke a change in the overshadowing of the larger side of himself.

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