Review of Rue d'Alesia-Exposition 1954 by Alberto Giacometti from Brenda Nicoll Williamson

Brenda Nicoll Williamson has reviewed the artwork Rue d'Alesia-Exposition 1954 by Surrealist artist Alberto Giacometti
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Rue d'Alesia-Exposition 1954 by Alberto Giacometti
Unknown artist by Brenda Nicoll Williamson on 2007-03-15

I have always been interested in art but unable to take it up in any meaningful way until I retired. Since then I have been studying the history of art but without looking at or discovering the surrealists. I found this picture by Alberto Giacometti intriguing as it doesn't disjointed, or surreal in the terms I understand the word but rather a charming pastel drawing of a street. I would love to be able to do pastel work like this. Thank you for introducing me to the surrealists and in particular Alberto Giacometti.

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