Review of My nursemaid 1936 by Meret Oppenheim from Brenda Nicoll Williamson

Brenda Nicoll Williamson has reviewed the artwork My nursemaid 1936 by Surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim
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My nursemaid 1936 by Meret Oppenheim
Restriction of his Nanny? by Brenda Nicoll Williamson on 2007-03-15

To encapsulate the form of his nursemaid inside what looks like a ballet shoe seems to indicate the desire to restrict her influence over him. Maybe in expresses a desire he had as a child to be out of her control and in drawing this he has her in his control i.e. just where he wants her, lying down (less able to move/escape in this position), tied up so that she cannot escape and stretching out for his help, in the form of a supplicant.

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