Review of The seeded earth 1942 by Andre Masson from Paul Mario Jannetta

Paul Mario Jannetta has reviewed the artwork The seeded earth 1942 by Surrealist artist Andre Masson
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The seeded earth 1942 by Andre Masson
I beg to differ, Mr Detrich, but what do I know.. by Paul Mario Jannetta on 2010-03-16

David speaks of this stunning work as an emblematic design..something american, and this i was not aware of before readind Mr Dietrichs. review. And armed with this new info on subject matter, i think i may have a possible de-cyphered a plausible statement on the U.S.A.s treatmnet of the american indian, (who buy the way are a nomadic race, living on hunted prey, namely buffalo for a way of life, so this sheds light on the reasoning behind the name, "Seeded Earth". For what we see in the painting is a violent blue figure, with sharp angular features and depiction, in the right of the composition, squatting over and dominating a deafeated and almost completely abstract red indian brave, who has been felled, complete with shield. (the distinctive oval shield at top left, with an ancient mandala spiral for en emblem, one of the indian symbols of good fortune.Consider this..with reference to Seeded Earth, there were no native indian farmers, so the painting shows the means and methods that were dealt to the indiginous people so that the earth could be seeded. Or I could be wrong... PMJ Mrch 2010

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