Review of Multiplication des arcs by Yves Tanguy from Daryle Moyle

Daryle Moyle has reviewed the artwork Multiplication des arcs by Surrealist artist Yves Tanguy
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Multiplication des arcs by Yves Tanguy
Short story of what I find by Daryle Moyle on 2005-06-10

If I was to be standing there staring at the land scape, I could imagine Tanguy to be trying to lock me into that zone that abyss... with the sky quickly rolling away from me above my head wit hthe hollowing wind underneath it. Quite the central abyss with a rogued terrian of many round rocks, looking at the man curled in a ball in the bottom left corner i could imagine also that he is traped in the same predicament of being stuck in the abyss. One theory that I have found is that if yu are trying to find away out of that world, you will find that you will hav travelled in circles or wide arcs leading back to where you have started, a many multiplication of arcs in a very circular but very round worn out environment. The man curling himself tight to stop himself from trying, growing tobe a very lonely isolated and possibly insane man. A very unblissful and remorseable abyss. Daryle Moyle

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