Review of Sad young man in a train by Marcel Duchamp from Shona

Shona has reviewed the artwork Sad young man in a train by Surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp
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Sad young man in a train by Marcel Duchamp
opinion by Shona on 2013-06-04

i notice the depiction of two movements, one of which the train in which we see the young man smoking and the other as a slouched lurching figure. As the train is moving forward it begins to create a forward motion this noticed by the multiplication of the lines and volume of the figures. When viewing this piece we notice that there is a ‘blurred’ moving landscape which is caused by semi-transparent windows this presents as blurriness. As well as identifying the young man with his murky surroundings, the young man feels that his very own motion adds to the scarce over all motion of the train.

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