Review of Ingres' violin by Man Ray from Andrea Reina

Andrea Reina has reviewed the artwork Ingres' violin by Surrealist artist Man Ray
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Ingres' violin by Man Ray

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powerful by Andrea Reina on 2007-06-28

A work with a depth of meaning. It is the personalization of the instrument, and the objectification of the feminine. You play the violin as if you were making love to a woman, and play the woman like she were a violin. Ambiguity often leaves doors open to explore. Cliches and flippancy aside, I think it's a beautiful picture, and a beautiful idea (whatever it is/was in the first place). What's powerful is that I am afforded a glimpse into Man Ray's mind, and here I feel some resonance to the picture -- and therefore to Ray. What I think (know) I see may be completely different from what Man Ray knows (thinks) it is about, yet that does not make my experience any less valid or real.