Review of Baby map of the world by Salvador Dali from Bernie Quigley

Bernie Quigley has reviewed the artwork Baby map of the world by Surrealist artist Salvador Dali
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Baby map of the world by Salvador Dali

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Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy Sees a Baby by Bernie Quigley on 2005-06-08

There is no mystery about this piece - Dali through the second half of his life saw the world awakening to Aquarius - he saw the United States as the New Place in the New Age - the phrase Wu-chi is the Taoist phrase for unawakened lfie - tai chi, the life awakened to its banary forces, yin and yang. Dali painted a picture of the world as an egg hatching new, the United Sates, the awakening place - another egg, the Titan of Aquarius climbing forth - this picutre is exactly the same as the egg picture, wiht the United States hatched and the South American places golden - this picture shows the egg hatched to baby. Parthalon Flyingsnake DeCoursy