The visage of war by Salvador Dali

The visage of war by Salvador Dali


Meaning by Emily on 2012-01-03
It shows how people are driven by so many voices within themselves, not just one. You might see something differently to someone else, and you might s...View Full Review

meanings by CHAUMIE on 2009-07-31
i think that this painting is fantastic. i think the deep suffering displayed in the facial expressions help to tone up the viewers expectations of wa...View Full Review

hohohohohoho haha! by bobbay on 2009-05-06
hehe i like very much. it gives me fuzzies and stoof. you should come paint my room or sunting. yeahh... ...View Full Review

OKAY THIS IS COOL! by Whitney on 2009-05-04
yo yo yo this is cool as bro. i'm in class...View Full Review

HIiiiii by Mo Assi on 2009-04-02
...View Full Review

Face of horror by Jasmine on 2006-08-17
I think this painting has a lot of meaning in it, it portrays what happens in the mind of those who have been in a war, and have suffered physcologica...View Full Review

I love It!!!!! by Lucy on 2006-08-17
I love this paiting, i have it on my wall at home,(but i think it's a print) anywho, bub by for now, love lucy...View Full Review

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